Blue and white pilgrim bottle with a metal cover


The teardrop-shaped oval body molded on either side with a grotesque mask wearing a feathered headdress pierced at the front and under the chin for a rope strap to further thread through a pierced hole on either side of the ankle beneath a row of blue stylized leaves molded in high relief around the lower body, the front and reverse painted in the center with a Tudor rose between panels of flowering plants between horizontal bands of pierced trefoil an dentil devices below a wide border of similar Tudor roses, quatrefoil flowerheads and smaller blossom-and-leaf sprigs repeated as a border on the oval foot above a band of overlapping petals on the edge of the footrim, the tall cylindrical neck lightly molded with a horizontal midrib and painted on the front and reverse with a floral spray beneath a rim threaded for a screw-on cover; now fitted with a metal cover decorated with a beaded edge and surmounted by an oval-ball knop.

Height: 33 cm. (13 in.)
Overall: 37 cm. (14.6 in.)
Aronson Antiquairs
Copyright beeld
circa 1690
tin-glazed earthenware
Marked AK for Adrianus Kocx, the owner of De Grieksche A factory from 1686 to 1701
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De Grieksche A
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Aronson Delftware D1225