Blue and white massive garden urn


The U-shaped body affixed on either side with a splotched-blue coiled ‘rope’ handle above a curly-haired mask in high relief, and painted on the front with a lush bouquet of owers below two butter ies and a dragon y and with a duck in ight above a perched bird, to the right another bird perched on a smaller oral cluster with a spider web suspending a spider above a large beetle, and the reverse with three insects itting above a bird perched on a branch of a owering prunus tree growing above peonies and rocks and being observed by another bird perched on a group of European owers: tulips, peonies and other more European owers and foliage beneath a further smaller oral cluster near a third bird in ight, the cupped rim with a oral and foliate-scroll border, and the tiered domed circular foot with a wide border of six oral lappets alternating with ruyi-devices in the interstices, all between bands of petals around the lower body and footrim.

Unmarked, but attributed to Adrianus Kocx, the owner of De Grieksche A (The Greek A) Factory from 1686 to 1701

Height: 51 cm. (20.1 in.)
Aronson Antiquairs
circa 1690
The Gustav Leonhardt Collection, Property from the Bartolotti House, Amsterdam;
C. J. J. Weegenaar BV, The Hague
tin-glazed earthenware
Attributed to De Grieksche A
Unieke code
Aronson Delftware D1526