Again, I will only embarrass myself if I attempt to describe. I will provide pictures and hope you could provide the answers to these questions.


Is this Delft and if so the artist full name of the mark and the year? Also, were there multiple locations early on? Do you know more details about the artist of the plate I submitted?

Small plate. Please forgive my lack of preparedness. I have only the pictures.

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  • Not Delftware


  • Not made in Delft The term Delftware is only used for earthenware actually produced in Delft. Read more
  • More recent production technique After 1850, factories in and outside Holland developed more efficient and cheaper production techniques. This goes beyond the scope of this website. Read more
  • Hand-painted An important characteristic of authentic Delftware is that it is hand-painted. Printing techniques do not occur on this earthenware. Read more

Based on the back and judging from the photos this does not seem to be Delftware.