China (1654-1743)

Master potter Dirck Jeronimus van Kessel established his company China in 1654. The pottery stood on the north side of Nieuwe Langendijk and was owned by the Van Kessel family until 1685.

Emerentia Hendricksdochter van Noorden, widow of Steven Dirckszoon van Kessel, was the proprietress of China from 1660 to 1685. She rented the company to Samuel Pyreius van Berevelt and later to her son Dirck Stevens van Kessel.

Emerentia van Noorden was succeeded as owner by Frederik Sixtuszoon van der Sande, who was in charge from 1685 until his death in 1724. China was later owned by his son, and then by Adrianus Corneliszoon Sondagh. He went bankrupt in 1740 and Wilhelmina Gorisdochter van Torenburgh, granddaughter of Frederik van der Sande, bought the company. China ceased trading three years later.