De Drie Klokken (1670-1841)

De Drie Klokken pottery was established in 1671 at a premises on De Geer that had previously housed a brewery. The company was founded by Barbara Cornelisdochter Rotteveel. Her grandson, Pieter Mesch, took over in 1706. The next owners were his widow, Maria van Ophoven, and her second husband, Hendrik van Willigen.

De Drie Klokken was sold to Adriaan van der Does in 1743. His widow and son ran the company after his death.

The pottery was auctioned off in 1784 after which it was run by a partnership (compagnieschap). The owners expanded the company, constructing several new buildings, and in 1840 operations moved to the Porceleyne Clauw pottery. In 1841 the property belonging to De Drie Klokken was purchased by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Many of the objects made by this pottery have a mark featuring three bells (the drie klokken of the name).1

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