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Pair of small blue Delft urns/jars25 June 2024

Hi Franky

Apologies for the quality of the photos. Will try and send over better examples in a higher resolution.

We have had the urns in the family since the 1850s/1860s and the family have been told over the years that the urns are definitely Delft (sadly, no records of where they were bought ). So curious that they might be counterfeit.

They have a  shiny tin glaze with pin points over their surfaces (lids as well) and have a few chips where you can see the clay. Could you explain what an 'adhesive technique' is? Have looked hard at the middle sections and can't see any obvious lines/breaks - the artwork seems to flow to the top (not clear in the photos). However, the middle parts are very different in style to the rest of the urns.

Also quite curious why there is so much clay on the bases - could this be a sign that they are not Dutch Delft? 

Many thanks, Franky