Pair of blue and white four-tier pyramidal flower vases


Each composed of four sections with a cylindrical nozzle issuing from a lion’s mask on each corner, the upper section with a compressed spherical opening at the top painted with four cherubs’ heads and the flaring tier below painted on each side with a ruyi-head device beneath either a shell or a winged cherub’s head, the
inward-sloping lower edge with a blue-ground floral border above a patterned band repeated with variations on each of the three tiers below; the second tier painted
on each side with a winged cherub’s head above either a ruyi-head device or a half-length cherub; the third tier painted on each side with a winged cherub’s head above a half-length cherub; and the bottom tier painted on each side with a cherub seated and playing a drum, the lower edge with a border of leaf-patterned triangular panels interrupted on each side with a molded bust between the four scroll feet rising from painted ruyi devices on the corners of the upper edge of the pedestal below, its square sides each painted with an allegorical figure of one of ‘The Four Seasons’: ‘Spring’ as Flora holding a cornucopia and standing amidst flowers, ‘Summer’ as Ceres holding a cornucopia, wheat and a sickle, and reclining amidst fruit, ‘Autumn’ as Bacchus holding a goblet and seated against a barrel amidst grapes, and ‘Winter’ as Neptune holding a trident and a dish of smoking coals and standing amidst bundles of faggots and an overturned basket of coals, each flanked by satyrs holding cornucopias on the corners between ogee-molded borders of demi-flowerheads, petals and flowering vines, the whole supported on four bulbous square feet.

Height: 54.3 cm. (21.4 in.)
Aronson Antiquairs
circa 1695-1750
Most probably Sir William Jolliffe (1660-1749) and thence by descent;
Aronson Antiquairs Amsterdam, 1998;
A distinghuished Manhattan collector

Van Aken-Fehmers 2007, p. 182, fig. 1

tin-glazed earthenware
One marked LVE for Lambertus van Eenhoorn, the owner of De Metale Pot factory
De Metale Pot

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Gaan we hier de volledige catalogus van Aronson opzetten, ik dacht dat dit niet de bedoeling is !?