British Delft?


The plate from the local antiquities store


Is it English Delft? Could you please provide the information about the mark?
Additionally, how to distinguish the English and the Dutch Delft?

22 cm

Reacties 1


  • Not Delftware


  • Not made in Delft The term Delftware is only used for earthenware actually produced in Delft. Read more
  • Hand-painted An important characteristic of authentic Delftware is that it is hand-painted. Printing techniques do not occur on this earthenware. Read more
  • Unidentified mark Not all marks found on earthenware have been identified. It could be a ‘new’ Delft mark! But it could also be a mark that was not used in Delft. Read more

Based on the colors, the manner of painting and that the plate does not seem to have a second, transparent layer of lead glaze (so called 'kwaart') I would expect an English origin. It can be hard to distinguish English from Dutch Delftware, but overall the Delft potters have a more refined way of painting and it was common to give the products a final layer of lead glaze in Delft. In England this was not something that was commonly done. English Delftware is therefore less shiny than Dutch Delftware.