there are flowers on the vase and a sticker (Photo) and a mark below (other photo)


is this vase an original prroduct of an artist of Delft?

about 35 cm high

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  • Not Delftware


  • More recent production technique After 1850, factories in and outside Holland developed more efficient and cheaper production techniques. This goes beyond the scope of this website. Read more
  • Hand-painted An important characteristic of authentic Delftware is that it is hand-painted. Printing techniques do not occur on this earthenware. Read more

Unfortunately, most items that include the word 'Delft' or some spelling variation in the mark or signature were in fact not made in Delft. They were included to indicate the Delft style. You can find more information on this here: The sticker is too worn to indicate which factory this vase originated from, only that it seems Dutch, but of a later production period (20th century).

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Dear Team Delftsaardewerk,

thank You very much for Your answer. 

I know that this vase was bought about 1985, but not where. Know I learn that "Delft"  could also mean "Style like Delft".

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