Beautiful teapot


I was wondering if its a fake. Because there is a mark, but also a date and handpainted on it what makes it I guess a fake. But it is still a beauty. Love to hear anyone telling me more about the piece. Thank you friendly.

22cm high

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  • Not Delftware


  • Not made in Delft The term Delftware¬†is only used for earthenware actually produced in Delft. Read more
  • More recent production technique After 1850, factories in and outside Holland developed more efficient and cheaper production techniques. This goes beyond the scope of this website. Read more
  • Hand-painted An important characteristic of authentic Delftware is that it is hand-painted. Printing techniques do not occur on this earthenware. Read more
  • Mark of a non-Delft pottery/factory The typical Delftware also inspires producers outside of Delft, but genuine Delftware has only been produced in Delft. Read more


  • VL small s

This jug is made in the 20th century at Velsen Ceramics Factory (Velsen, Sassenheim), 1920-2002 with the original Delftware as inspirational source.

It may not be immediately noticeable, but the brand of the Velsen ceramics factory is characterized by a composition of the capital letters VL with a small s next to it. The composition of the letters VL can also resemble a fountain or flower stem.