De Dubbelde Schenkkan (1660-1770)

On the site of the former Het Ancker brewery on Oude Langendijk, where De Dubbelde Schenkkan would eventually open, there was initially only a residential property known as ‘de Schenckkan’.

In 1657 Cornelis Corneliszoon Holaert and potter Jan Jonaszoon van der Burgh became the owners of ‘huijsinge de Schenckan’. They already owned De Vier Romeynse Helden pottery on the plot behind the house. The kiln belonging to De Vier Romeynse Helden was situated behind a shared wall that marked the boundary between the two premises.

The bill of sale of 7 December 1660 mentions a house with courtyard, the ‘dobbelde Schenckan’ on Oude Langendijk, and the new owner is ‘platielbacker’ (potter) Jan Adriaenszoon van Hamme. This document does not refer to a pottery, though a bill of sale drafted in 1661 does. The pottery, which was in operation for over a hundred years, had six proprietors.