De Vergulde Blompot (1616-1841)

Cornelis Egbertszoon Sas established De Vergulde Blompot at Rietveld 220-222 in 1615. Sas was the son of Egbert Huygenszoon Sas, who founded De Porceleyne Schotel and De Vergulde Boot.

De Vergulde Blompot had many different owners, including Jacobus Pijnaker and Casper Connet. They each bought a portion of the pottery in 1692, and Pijnaker decided to retain the original name.

Two years later Pijnaker moved De Vergulde Blompot to Molslaan. In the final decade of the 18th century the company was divided into 36 shares and sold. De Vergulde Blompot ceased trading in 1841.