Delft lidded jar


Delft blue and white jar. Found in Delaware, US. At first glance I thought it was" de Klaauw"'


Who made and when?

12 inches tall (with lid) and 5 inches wide

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Dutch Delftware around 1780-1800 made at the " Lampetkan" factory. It 's part of a serie of 5 ( kaststel)  ment to be placed on the wardrobes.

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  • Delftware


  • Delftware, made between 1620 – 1850 Only tin-glazed earthenware made in Delft between 1620 - 1850 is referred to as traditional Delftware. Read more
  • Tin-glazed earthenware Earthenware with a glaze to which tin oxide has been added to make it opaque white. Delftware produced before 1850 is always covered with a tin glaze. Read more
  • Hand-painted An important characteristic of authentic Delftware is that it is hand-painted. Printing techniques do not occur on this earthenware. Read more
  • Mark of a Delft pottery/factory In the 19th century, a financial incentive arose to sell more new earthenware as antique Delftware, sometimes even bearing fake Delft factory marks. Read more


  • LPK

The factory  has used two marks: LPK and LPKan.  Dating: 1775-1800.