De Dissel (1640-1702)

Lambrecht Ghijsbrechtszoon Cruyk started a pottery on Molslaan in 1640. He took the name De Dissel from the brewery that had previously been housed on the premises. Cruyk had more buildings constructed on the site.

Over the years De Dissel continued to be expanded, extending onto other plots, under the ownership of several proprietors. They included Pieter Joppen Oosterlaen (purchased 1658), Leendert Boersse (purchased 1682) and Adrianus Kocx.

Kocx also owned De Grieksche A, and he acquired De Dissel in 1696. In 1702 his widow, Judith van Eenhoorn, sold the company. In the years that followed all the properties owned by the pottery were gradually taken over by a brewery, the last of them in 1711.1

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