Covered Vase with Bird on top


2 piece vase with a blue bird on top of the cover.


Wondering how old it is. It was my Grandma's (on my dad's side) and has been in the family at least since 1955. That us when my parents married.

10 inches tall and about 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches wide

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Not at all :-) I just forgot to save comments 😉

On January 1, 1779, Dirk Goedewaagen did his master's test as a pipe maker in Gouda and in February he hired his first servant. Initially, the pipe factory was located in the Keizerstraat. Grandson Abraham Goedewaagen moved the company to the Gouwe in Gouda. His sons Pieter and Tobias Goedewaagen took over the De Star op de Raam pottery, which dates from 1610, in 1853, adding the manufacture of pottery to the company. Flowering period in Gouda Due to a lack of space at the Gouwe and Raam locations, a move to the Jaagpad followed in 1909, where the company was connected to the electricity grid in 1910. At this location, the company was further developed by Pieter's son, Aart Goedewaagen, into 'Goedewaagen's Royal Dutch Pipe and Pottery Factories'. The number of ovens was expanded rapidly. The acquisition in 1922 of the Amsterdam pottery De Distel also gave the company a more artistic side (including the production of Art Nouveau ceramics). Aart Goedewaagen was succeeded as director by his son Aart Goedewaagen II.

Goedewaagen receives a royal decoration in 1910 . With the takeover of the Amsterdam pottery factory 'De Distel' in 1923, Goedewaagen brought in even more professionals and started making Jugendstil and Art Deco shapes and decors. The Art Nouveau models by world-famous designer Bert Nienhuis are becoming classics.

So it"s made between 1910 -1960. Painter unknown to me


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