Possible Delft Blauw L Von Stein made 1908?


Shallow bowl with a lid floral decorations mark believe the date code 3 dot marks on bottom that seem te be what it sat on some markings not sure of from what i think i may of gathered a L Von Stein made 1908 Cream colored look to it seems to be that color all way through.


Is it real is it old and is it rare cant seem to find one like it at all


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Your bowl was made by Keramiekfabriek Velsen (te Sassenheim), LVS, the mark on your bowl was used between 1942 and 2002. From the photos I can't see any crazing so I am thinking late 20th century. Unfortunately not authentic Delftware, for that it needs to be made in Delft in between the 17th and 19th century.

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Thank you so much! I bought this just out of the fact that I loved it. Finding that is has some history i can find out I wanted too find out everything I could but have had a hard time knowing exactly where to look. I cant thank you enough for the information! May I ask was this then made by a person outside of a factory on their own. Also would it be the only one like it since it is hand painted? Was it to be a fake or just a maker of their own made it. I appreciate any and all information.

No problem, happy to help! The bowl is made in a ceramic factory (keramiekfabriek) called Velsen located in Sassenheim. The painter’s initial looks like A.D. It’s not a one off, multiple similar bowls like yours would have been produced at the time.


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  • Niet in Delft gemaakt Delfts aardewerk wordt alleen zo genoemd als het echt in Delft is geproduceerd. Lees meer
  • Handbeschilderd Een belangrijk kenmerk van authentiek Delfts aardewerk is dat het handgeschilderd is. Druktechnieken komen op dit aardewerk niet voor. Lees meer
  • Merk van niet-Delftse plateelbakkerij/fabriek Het typische Delfts aardewerk inspireert ook producenten buiten Delft, maar écht Delfts aardewerk is alleen in Delft gemaakt. Lees meer