Gourd vase


Hand painted Delft Gourd vase decorated with flowers and fish


Which pottery made this item please?

Height - 17cm
Diameter - 8cm

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Thanks Patrick. Not sure how you can say something isn't authentic Delftware. I thought Delftware was a style and not a brand. I.e tin glazed earthenware decorated with oxides of different colours, specifically blue.



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Please see this link for the definition and some background of authentic Delftware.


From the article; authentic Delftware must comply with the following 5 points:

  • Het is gemaakt tussen 1620 en 1850 (Made between those years)
  • Het is gemaakt in Delft (Made in Delft)
  • Het is voorzien van tinglazuur (It has a tin glaze)
  • Het draagt soms een merk (It sometimes bears a mark)
  • Het is vaak blauw-met-wit beschilderd (It is often in the colours blue and white)

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  • Niet-Delfts


  • Merk van niet-Delftse plateelbakkerij/fabriek Het typische Delfts aardewerk inspireert ook producenten buiten Delft, maar écht Delfts aardewerk is alleen in Delft gemaakt. Lees meer


  • Boch

Thanks Patrick for providing background information on the piece as well as relevant articles from this website. The term 'authentic Delftware' is tricky one, because it comes down to details on the way it is written, depending on what someone is trying to express. We have provided a little bit on this topic in our English glossary which might help:

English term for tin-glazed earthenware, in reference to the Dutch town of Delft. Written with an initial capital it refers to Delft earthenware; written in lower case it refers to tin-glazed earthenware that can be made anywhere.

As you can see here, we note a difference in the 'authentic' antique Delftware that is made in Delft between a certain period etc. and 'delftware'. But... it's still a difficult distinction to enforce!