Plate with two windmills


Plate with floral border and two windmills on it’s face. 2084 and cy on back. Purchased it at an antique store in Snohomish WA, USA


What does the 2084 on the back mean? Is this Royal Delft? Did the plate come with holes for hanging in the original or were they added later?

25 centimeters

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Your plate is made by the Porceleyne Fles in Delft, they also use the name Royal Delft and they are the only surviving company today that produced the original Delftware back in 17-19th century. Your plate is not that old and you have probably figured out the year code CY stands for 1979. 2048 is the item code and the plate came with the holes predrilled so they were not added later. The painter's initials are left of the item code and here you can find a list of all the known initials:
The plate is painted using underglaze painting and is known as the new technique.


  • Delfts


  • Delfts, maar na 1850 gemaakt Na 1850 verandert de productietechniek voor aardewerk bij de enige overgebleven plateelfabriek in Delft. Dit valt buiten de scope van deze website. Lees meer
  • Nieuwere productietechniek Na 1850 ontwikkelen fabrieken in binnen- en buitenland efficiëntere, goedkopere productietechnieken. Dit aardewerk valt buiten de scope van deze site. Lees meer
  • Handbeschilderd Een belangrijk kenmerk van authentiek Delfts aardewerk is dat het handgeschilderd is. Druktechnieken komen op dit aardewerk niet voor. Lees meer
  • Merk van Delftse plateelbakkerij/fabriek Dankzij historisch onderzoek weten we steeds meer over de merken die Delftse plateelbakkerijen gebruikten. Benieuwd naar deze bakkerijen? Lees meer

agreed with Patrick!