Blue and white vase with lid


Strong cobalt blue outer decorations, rural Dutch scene in central panel (man on horse, dog, windmill). Side panels and back floral designs. Lid has a 'dog' - I understand this may be a Chinese 'good luck' symbol?


1) What date was the vase made?
2) I think it's from BP factory but who was the manager at the time it was made (their initials?).
3) The vase is very dirty. Should I clean it? If so what should I use to do it?

35cm tall

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The vase was made by " De Vergulde Blompot " 1616 - 1841.

They had many owners. In 1764 Pieter verburg ( who was owner from 1756-1789 ) registered the mark. So i suppose your vase is to be situated between 1764 and 1841 when the factory was closed.

The painters initials don' t ring a bell but most  probably there is someone who knows more about this.  If you would like to clean it i would just use some water without any kind of soap.



regards Franky


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  • Delftware, made between 1620 – 1850 Only tin-glazed earthenware made in Delft between 1620 - 1850 is referred to as traditional Delftware. Read more
  • Tin-glazed earthenware Earthenware with a glaze to which tin oxide has been added to make it opaque white. Delftware produced before 1850 is always covered with a tin glaze. Read more
  • Hand-painted An important characteristic of authentic Delftware is that it is hand-painted. Printing techniques do not occur on this earthenware. Read more
  • Mark of a Delft pottery/factory In the 19th century, a financial incentive arose to sell more new earthenware as antique Delftware, sometimes even bearing fake Delft factory marks. Read more

Thank you for your contribution Franky. 

The combination of the factory mark of 'De Vergulde Blompot' with, as it seems, 'PVMV' is unusual. PVMV in combination with the 'A' of 'De Grieksche A' is attributed to Pieter van Marksveld, director of 'de Grieksche A' from 1796 until 1803. However, we also see the name of Van Marksveld appear in archive material of 'de Vergulde Blompot' in Wik Hoeksra-Klein, 'De Vergulde Blompot' , Erfgoed Delft en Omstreken, 2012, p 104. He is mentioned as pupil at the factory in 1756 and co-administrator of 'de Vergulde Blompot from 1786 until 1803. Therefore it seems plausible in my opinion that this vase has been made at 'de Vergulde Blompot' by Van Marksfeld between 1786 and 1803.

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Many thanks for all the information given by you both. I really appreciate hearing from you.

It's so interesting to learn more about the vase's history.

I have a friend who lives in The Hague and she will visit the Royal Library for me to see if she can find out more information now we have a name for the manager of the factory, and a time period to investigate.

I wonder how many families the vase has lived with over it's long life?!