Blue and white vase with lid


Strong cobalt blue outer decorations, rural Dutch scene in central panel (man on horse, dog, windmill). Side panels and back floral designs. Lid has a 'dog' - I understand this may be a Chinese 'good luck' symbol?


1) What date was the vase made?
2) I think it's from BP factory but who was the manager at the time it was made (their initials?).
3) The vase is very dirty. Should I clean it? If so what should I use to do it?

35cm tall

Reacties 1

The vase was made by " De Vergulde Blompot " 1616 - 1841.

They had many owners. In 1764 Pieter verburg ( who was owner from 1756-1789 ) registered the mark. So i suppose your vase is to be situated between 1764 and 1841 when the factory was closed.

The painters initials don' t ring a bell but most  probably there is someone who knows more about this.  If you would like to clean it i would just use some water without any kind of soap.



regards Franky