Vase, marked


Beautiful Vase, 20cm high
different color stamps


I just bought this vase, but cannot find from when it might be, after researching 1,5hours now.
The color of the stamp is once blue but also in a slightly other color.
Cannot find from which artist and what time it might be.

20cm high
11,5cm diameter

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Please see your other post regarding the factory it is made by. This vase is slightly older though, there’s some craquelle and discolouration on the base so I estimate more around the mid 20th century.

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Jaarmerk werd in 1991 (letter A) ingevoerd, dit vaasje heeft nog geen jaarmerk, dus gemaakt tussen 1954 en 1990, het bedrijf stond in Rijswijk, provincie Zuid-Holland, circa tweehonderd meter vanaf de grens met Delft, zie ook uw andere inzending, groet jvdh.

Year mark was introduced in 1991 (letter A), this vase has no year mark yet, so it was made between 1954 and 1990, the company was located in Rijswijk, province of South Holland, approximately two hundred meters from the border with Delft, see also your other entry, greetings jvdh.


  • Niet-Delfts


  • Niet in Delft gemaakt Delfts aardewerk wordt alleen zo genoemd als het echt in Delft is geproduceerd. Lees meer
  • Nieuwere productietechniek Na 1850 ontwikkelen fabrieken in binnen- en buitenland efficiëntere, goedkopere productietechnieken. Dit aardewerk valt buiten de scope van deze site. Lees meer

Thank you to PatrickW and Jan van den Heuvel!

Thank you all for the great explanations! :)