Covered pot decorated with European landscapes in four cartridges


What century does my pot date back to ?
Which manufacturer does the K mark under the base refer to ?

Height 40 cm

Reacties 4

Your pot dates back to beginning of the 20th Century or the end of the 19th Century. It is a copy of delftware vase. The mark is a non existent mark. The people that copied the vases had no idea who they were copying and put a random signature on it. The only potter with a signature close this one is Johannes Knotter, who marked his work with K and an “i” in the standing part of the letter K, which creates a K with a dot on it. In the mark index on this website, the iK mark can be found.

Always the same points:

  • glaze not shiny enough
  • color blue not correct for the period
  • these types of trees are never seen on delftware
  • 17th century mark does not match with late 18th century design

I noticed this vase on an antiques website for 380 €. It makes me sad to see that at least half of the items are fakes. What happened to vetting?