Delft Plate


Delft plate


(from France)
I bought this piece
I don't know anything about it ...
but it looked good to me
could you give me some information about it?


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This plate is made in Delft by the Porceleyne Fles and the decoration is called Sandelfo. Painted by Herman Sanders in 1973 (year code CS). Nice find!

Kind regards,


Als antwoord op door PatrickW391

Hello Patrick, thank you for answering so quickly! very nice from you! i found the decoration very nice (and maybe unusual?!) it was a feeling...(very unusual purchase for me)

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Hello Patrick, I am not a reseller, and I only buy "items" I like. My intention is not to sell this one but only as an indication (to know if I have not made "a too bad deal"). How much would you estimate this plate? Regards  David

Als antwoord op door mikeblue

Hi David,

We normally don’t discuss the value of items on this website, but if you’d like an indication search in google for instance for “Herman Sanders catawiki” to see sold items to get an idea of what others have paid in the past. Sandelfo is a collectible collection so I’m confident you made a good deal.

 All the best, Patrick

Als antwoord op door PatrickW391

Hi Patrick,

I understand. Anyway ... I did a search as you suggested. I don't know if it's enough but I'll go with it. Thank you Patrick for your help and advice! All the best too, David


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