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This is made by Zenith Factory Gouda. Handpainted.

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Is there a web site that might give more history of the Company in terms of when it was produced or dollar value of when it was made?  Was it massed produced for tourists? Is the Company still in existence? 

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Difficult to find the painter and year of production. Anyhow it must be produced before 1984 when the factory stopped. Her a little history and a link to a book. 

On March 17, 1749, Pieter Dirksz van der Want (1716-1774) takes his master's test as a pipe maker and then establishes himself as an independent pipe maker boss. In doing so, he laid the foundations for a number of pipe and pottery companies of the Van der Want family in Gouda. After several generations of pipe makers, it is his descendants who managed to bring three pottery factories to fruition. Great-grandson Gerrit van der Want GZzn is a prominent director of the pipe making industry in Gouda in the 19th century. His grandson Ivon van der Want Czn continues his grandfather's business in the Kuiperstraat under the name 'Ivora'. 'Ivora' has become known for the manufacture of decorative earthenware, based on the ideas of the Haagsche Plateelbakkerij Rozenburg. Great-grandson Gerrit Frederik PJzn is - together with his partner George Antonie Barras - the founder of the pottery factory 'Hollandia', later 'Regina' in Gouda. 'Regina' managed - with an appeal under the Copyright Act of 1912 - to prevent the pottery factory 'Gelria' from Arnhem from imitating her designs for decorative pottery. After the Second World War, the company made, among other things, tableware after the design of Floris Meydam. Great-grandson Otto Adrianus PJzn van der Want (1926-2016) actually continues the ancestral company and moves that company together with his son Aart van der Want to the Prins Hendrikstraat in Gouda and produces pottery under the name 'Zenith'. After the expansion of pipe manufacturing with pottery, Zenith initially produced art nouveau pottery, followed later - in the thirties of the twentieth century - by art deco pottery. After the Second World War, the company flourished for a long period of time. The manufacture of Delft earthenware was of great importance in this respect. Like 'Regina', 'Zenith' produces, among other things, crockery designed by Floris Meydam. Finally, Zenith tries to prevent an imminent closure with the manufacture of old Dutch porcelain in 1981. However, the companies of the Van der Want family - like many peers - did not survive in the 20th century. In 1965 'Ivora' ends its activities, 'Regina' stops in 1979 and with the closure of 'Zenith' in 1984 the last large ceramic company disappears from Gouda.


  • Niet-Delfts


  • Niet in Delft gemaakt Delfts aardewerk wordt alleen zo genoemd als het echt in Delft is geproduceerd. Lees meer
  • Nieuwere productietechniek Na 1850 ontwikkelen fabrieken in binnen- en buitenland efficiëntere, goedkopere productietechnieken. Dit aardewerk valt buiten de scope van deze site. Lees meer
  • Handbeschilderd Een belangrijk kenmerk van authentiek Delfts aardewerk is dat het handgeschilderd is. Druktechnieken komen op dit aardewerk niet voor. Lees meer
  • Merk van niet-Delftse plateelbakkerij/fabriek Het typische Delfts aardewerk inspireert ook producenten buiten Delft, maar écht Delfts aardewerk is alleen in Delft gemaakt. Lees meer