18th century sherd, IVL mark


Sherd from a 18th century archaeological context in Britanny (France). Dense decoration including foliage and flowers, dots or groups of dots, and a little butterfly. A mark "IVL 14" is showing on the other side.


According to this website, the mark IVL might refer to Johannes van Lockhorst from the workshop De Klaauw (1713-1740), although I found another identification in Henry-Pierre Fourest's "La faïence de Delft" (1980), indicating that such a mark could refer to Jansz Van der Laan (T'Hart and De 3 Klokken, late 18th century). From the decoration, I think your identification might be more accurate. Could you help me identifying this mark ?

Approx. 5x7 cm

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I think your estimation is right. There should be a dot on the "I" and that's clearly the case. difficult to say if this item is from a vase or a plate. In my opinion it's a sherd from a plate .


I"m sure experts on this site can tell more detailed information. May i ask where you found / bought it. very interesting.




Thanks for your answer. This sherd comes from an archaeological excavation carried out during the late nineties in Brittany (France), and is part of a public collection I studied.

By the way, I made a mistake about Jansz Van der Laan, whose mark would actually be dated from the late 17th century (but it seems I can't edit the original post).