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Plate with blue peacock feather decor and yellow rim26 maart 2024
Tiny vase with light blue glaze and chinoiserie decor 26 maart 2024

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Thank you!  Indeed pity that it was not well cared for, but offers us a chance to sneak-peek into the materials! It is beautiful anyway and I’m very proud to have it in my tiny delftware collection!

Medium size bowl with floral decor 2 december 2023
Jug17 januari 2024

This is a delftware - meaning that this is made in the style of the Blue of Delft -  jug produced by the manufacture of Velsen Sassenheim, it's not considered the genuine Delftware in the meaning that the public here uses. Genuine Delftware is typically used to refer to objects made by potteries in the city of Delft itself.

This is a genuine dutch-made object, not a no-name chinese replica, period is midcentury to late 20th, not sure about exact years; it's most likely vintage but not antique. 


‘T Fortuyn plate28 april 2023
Blue and white9 oktober 2022
Blue and white9 oktober 2022

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This is the mark of "Chambre des Peintres", workshop in the Boch factory located in La Louvière, Belgium, according to the info on the website of the Royal Boch (current name of the factory), it was started in 1870-s and was operating till 1892, but the production of Delft-inpsired pottery didn't finish in 1892, as based on the catalogue of the factory of 1899, they still offered a large number of items.
the mark can be found here

Blue and white plate with yellow rim, chinoiserie 1 mei 2023

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Thank you! I understand how the techniques are different, thanks for the "melts" with the glaze explanation, that makes it more specific for me. I probably need to look at more confirmed overglaze dishes to learn to see the difference, because for now it's not at all obvious to me, as a noob in pottery. Looks pretty much as shiny as newer marked with years De Porceleyne Fles items I have. I could say I do feel a bit of relief, but it's not like I could feel the drawing... only some points where the pigment is the darkest, feels a bit like "bump". Could it be something like this?… 
I am a bit confused about your comment re diameter, would appreciate if you could share a bit more on the sizes. Is there a link or reference I could learn more from?
Many thanks again for your inputs.

Blue and white plate with yellow rim, chinoiserie 1 mei 2023
Blue and white plate with yellow rim, chinoiserie 1 mei 2023